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A Few Words About Us

Pride & Passion
We've established a high reputation throughout South Wales, having hundreds of satisfied customers - from Cardiff to Bridgend, Llantrisant to Barry, and throughout the Vale of Glamorgan, the majority of our work coming from word of mouth recommendation.
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What We've Done

Designed and installed display areas at multiple Travis Perkins Plc. branches to showcase how their landscaping products could be used.

We were chosen from a selected group of recommended landscapers by Panasonic Wales LTD. to provide a beautiful garden for The Hollies School Japaneese Garden Project in 2010.

Whitchurch L.T.C

Helped the tennis club to overcome problems they had with their members injuring themselves on un-even lawn areas near the courts in 2005.

UKTV Style
Our quality and reliability has been recognised throughout the area - examples of our work being shown on the prestigious 'Front of House' TV show on UKTV Style in 2004.

Red Dragon Radio

We were chosen to carry out work for a Red Dragon Radio project, creating a beautiful garden as part of a popular regional initiative for local disabled children in 2003.

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Don't Be Fooled

Please note that many "Landscapers" use fake website photos that are NOT their work! Also be aware of no landline numbers, only mobile or 0800 numbers & no, or extremely vague address'.

Every image that you see on our website is of projects carried out, from start to finish, by J&A Garden Landscapes. All of our paperwork/emails has our company logo and address and can provide many references from our satisfied customers.